Sunday’s Entertainment

I’ve done a bit of reading on preppers.  I get what they are doing and why, and I know I don’t want to go full in on that lifestyle.  BUT, I do feel it is important to have some basic emergency prepardiness supplies and have a plan for contigencies.  

The thing that has intrigued me recently is the part of protecting ones’ self and property.  We do not own a gun. D hunted back in the day but it wasn’t something he really cared for.  I’ve had a bit of shooting experience and really enjoyed it.  I don’t remember how the conversation got started yesterday morning, but we ended up at a local shooting range feeling a little intimidated.  What we learned….they will let anyone rent a gun, buy ammo and let you loose in the range.  Well, not really, but that’s what it felt like to me.  We did have to supply our driver’s license which they kept while we were in the range and they did give us a rundown of the handgun, how to load it, etc so we weren’t totally clueless……  We had a blast!!  So fun shooting up that paper bad guy…. D and I talked about doing that again, but it was expensive entertainment, which if we owned our own guns and purchased ammo somewhere else it wouldn’t be as pricey.  Probably a good price to pay in order to feel safe when owning and using a weapon.  As we were leaving the range a family with young children were entering the range carrying large rifles, other firearms plus boxes, yes, boxes of ammunition.  I thought for a half second, goodness….. but good for them.