Hi Ya’ll!  I’m Lisa Schlesinger, a middle aged woman.  Goodness, I don’t care for that description, which is a reason I began this blog.  I prefer aging hipster.  Life has thrown me some curve balls, but like I told my darling husband when we reconnected, if I can’t connect with the ball I’m gonna duck.   I’ve lived in the south most of my life, except for a 2 year stint as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia.  I’m a mom to two sons and step-mom to my husband’s three sons.  The three oldest are out of  the house and the two younger boys are almost there, living most of the time with their other parents, my main reason for naming this blog “the modern empty nest”.  I plan to share my adventures of living and aging gracefully.  And as good as that sounds we all know it’s much harder than that, but I certainly plan to celebrate the good stuff, acknowledge the not so good and discover what can be learned.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think that you are really onto something here with your modern empty nest and aging hipster themes. I look forward to your interpretations of life through your lens of the aging hipster and how your approach to mid-life may differ from a more standard view, … or not. 🙂 Much good luck to you!

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