Mama Bird

What little girls find… a lost little bird and...

Have you seen a baby bird that is out of the nest a bit too soon?  They hop around, trying to fly, but can’t get off the ground or out of danger.  They know they need to be higher up, in a bush, on a fence or even better in a tree. They’re yelling for mama in their baby bird way for help.  Sometimes you see mama flying around, swooping in, encouraging and vocalizing her concern, but in reality there is little she can do.  She can’t pick up her baby and put it back in the nest till it can fully fly.  I always hated to see this.

I was taught as a child to not bother the baby bird, the mama is nearby and watching. Heatbreaking as it is she can’t pick up her baby and put it back in the nest.  All she can do is tweet encouragement and maybe a little advice in her mama bird way.  It’s up to the baby.

I’m that mama bird who is NOT nearby and it’s breaking my heart.  Oh, how I’d love to swoop in and do what is needed to help my baby!  I am encouraging and suggesting, but it’s up to him to do what he needs to do.  The helpless feeling is the worst, isn’t it, when it comes to our children.


4 thoughts on “Mama Bird

  1. As much as I truly enjoy having adult children and the friendships we have developed, they will still always be my babies. I will never stop praying, hoping and caring that the light is always shining down on them. Your post moved me because I felt your words so truly spoken from the genuine love of a mother’s heart.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! As a friend said to me yesterday, “it so much harder to parent adult children”. While mine aren’t quite “adult” I am certainly understanding and agreeing with her.

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