What’s for Supper?

What’s for supper? Not much. With our impending move to California we have been consuming the food in the fridge, freezer and pantry and only buying necessary items. After being gone for the past 10 days traveling, my plan was to hit the grocery this morning for a few things. But gotta love that saying about planning, “man plans and God laughs”.

So here I sit waiting on the luggage that didn’t make all the flights with me yesterday.  When reviewing my literary initially I thought there might be a possibility this could happen. Flight out of Sacramento was on United to San Francisco and changed airlines, American Airlines from San Francisco to Dallas, then to Memphis. Apparently there wasn’t enough time between the first connection for the United baggage handlers to get the bag on the American Airlines flight to Dallas. Gosh, if I’d known that on the front end could have planned a bit better. Oh well. It’s how you choose to react to these little bumps in the road, isn’t it.

Once the luggage arrives and I’ve unpacked I’ll head to the grocery. I’ll only be shopping for me for the week. Yay! Rabbit food for the week. Well, I might sneak in a Cadbury egg or two.



2 thoughts on “What’s for Supper?

  1. I made the reindeer ceukacps last Christmas for my son’s 2nd grade party. They were a huge hit and now all the moms think I’m soooo crafty, lol. I used pretzel M&Ms for the nose to avoid nuts. These were so easy and my son was able to help me. Use a small dab of frosting to hold on the eyes and nose 🙂 Thanks!

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