More than enough

I was told yesterday that I am spoiled.  After about a half second of thought I agreed with the woman; yes, I’ll admit I am spoiled.  In fact, pretty much everyone I know is as well.  If they are offended by this, they’ll get over it.  Sometimes the truth stings a bit.  I want us to no longer take for granted our luxurious way of life.  Yes, we have a luxurious life!  We have spacious homes and most of the children have their own spacious rooms AND a bonus/play/media room in which to collect stuff that they whined about wanting and then don’t care about it once they have it.  It’s the same with the adults.  We want to live like we are rich.  By most of the world’s standards we are rich, even those of us who think we need more.  We tell ourselves we deserve IT.  Whatever IT is.  Really?  Life is hard, we all have challenges and if you haven’t you will, just wait, so stop telling yourself you deserve it.

We have more than enough.


1 thought on “More than enough

  1. Unfortunately we are a spoiled society. I struggle with this in my personal clutter and most of it came from “I want” rather than “I need”. But I never thought of the Aging Hipster as being spoiled, at least you don’t have ‘spoiled clutter’…

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