Traveling With Angels

Treacherous. Ice covered roads, heavy fog, and 18 wheelers passing us by. Not good conditions for driving. What we learned……to pay attention when a truck changes lanes and wondering why when he’s not passing another vehicle. The reason, to get out of the way of the wreck in the right hand lane with emergency vehicles we couldn’t see due to the fog. I about wet my pants when another truck blew his horn just as we came upon the scene I just described. We also learned we need to remember to turn off the headlights when sitting for long periods of time when the car is off. You might be wondering what? We came to a slippery stop narrowly missing the car in front of us. Minutes added up to two and a half hours later when the music stopped that we were listening to. Huh, what was going on? Well, talk about feeling dumb. We had turned the car’s engine off not knowing how long we would be sitting there till traffic began moving again forgetting we had the car lights on and now we had a dead battery…… Yes, we did. A sweet older man had one of those portable battery jumper, didn’t work. We kept asking folks in other vehicles around us, finally someone had a set of jumper cables and the driver of the 18-wheeler behind us jumped us off just as the traffic began to move. YAY!! Now there was hope I could pee in toilet and not along the side of the road in the snow I seriously had been considering.

So thankful for the angels that were with us today. TWA, traveling with angels. Thanks KK….and everyone else who was praying.


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