Planning for the first cross country road trip

Conversation this morning with D regarding our drive to California…

D:   Been thinking about packing for our drive to California.
Me: OK… what have you been thinking about?
D:    I’m going to try to get my chair (a small recliner) in the car so I’ll at least have           something to sit in till our stuff finally gets there.
Me: OK…. I have some flat storage boxes in the attic for your clothes that should fit nicely in the back seat.
D:    I was just going to throw the clothes in the car, hanger and all.
Me: What about the clothes not on hangers?
D:    I will put them in bags.
Me: Are you planning on packing a suitcase?
D:   Yes, since we are staying in hotels I’ll need it.
Me: Oh, ok….just wondering….. I just wondering if you were going to be digging thru some black garbage bag trying to find some underwear each night of the trip. (picture me trying to keep a straight face here)

Now what makes this funny to me is even though D is left brained, fairly organized and thinks logically, I certainly wouldn’t do it this way. For those who know me, I’m organized. Very… I’m a professional organizer. But, he has to do it his way cause it’s his stuff, not mine.  And when I drive my car out to California with the dog, I will NOT have my clothes in plastic bags. At least I’m saying that now.


2 thoughts on “Planning for the first cross country road trip

    • thanks for the tip. another friend who has moved about 25 times when she was an ARMY wife gave me a list that I shared with D. He’s gonna need some time to procees the list, I think.

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